Joan Concannon is the Director of External Relations.


The Director of External Relations:

The key aims of the directorate are to deliver diverse student recruitment targets across UK and international markets, widening participation and outreach, support our philanthropy and alumni engagement, including delivering our first institutional philanthropy campaign, York Unlimited, which has reached its target to raise £120m to support a range of key University objectives.

External Relations is responsible for marketing and brand development to support stakeholder engagement in respect of our reputation for world leading research and teaching spanning discovery to translation and application.

She is responsible for national, regional and local stakeholder engagement with a particular interest in shaping how the University is contributing to the region’s economic, social and cultural ambitions. 

The directorate has created an omni-channel approach to driving stakeholder engagement through aligned activity to support research communications, public engagement, media relations and staff and student communications and engagement anchored by the University’s strategic positioning as a university for the public good. 

Education as a force for good

Joan says: “I'm a really passionate believer in education being this incredibly powerful force for good, and that being educated in a multicultural, global environment can only be the best possible experience, and I know that from my own personal background."

About Joan Concannon

Joan has a specific interest in advancing the reputation of universities in respect of place-making and demonstrating the way in which the work of the University of York is influencing and driving inclusive economic, social and cultural development.

Joan is also the co-founding Director of the York Festival of Ideas, one of the largest free festivals of its kind in the UK. The festival is dedicated to demonstrating the relevance and societal value of education, research and ideas to diverse audiences.

The coalescence of a whole plethora of our research over many years, and our long track record in very innovative programmes for widening access to higher education, has led to a strategy that I’m really excited about: this idea that it isn’t just about what you do, but how you do it and who benefits from that.

Joan Concannon, Director of External Relations

She is a board member of Make It York, the city's destination marketing organisation, and a member of York’s Company of Merchant Adventurers. Joan is also an elected member of the Council of the Royal Institute for Philosophy

Prior to joining the University of York in 2009, Joan was Director of External Relations at the University of Dundee for seven years and co-led the V&A at Dundee project during its first two years of development, leading to significant Scottish government financial support and widespread public engagement. 


Below are the travel costs and expenses for Ms Concannon, the current Director of External Relations, for the period August 2020 until July 2021.

Joan Concannon Expenses Aug 2020 - Jul 2021 (PDF , 548kb)

Below are the travel costs and expenses for Ms Concannon, the current Director of External Relations, for the period August 2021 until July 2022.

Joan Concannon Expenses Aug 21 - Jul 22 (PDF , 584kb)

Below are the travel costs and expenses for Ms Concannon, the current Director of External Relations, for the period Aug 2022 until July 2023.

Joan Concannon Expenses Aug 22 - Jul 23 (PDF , 641kb)

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