The University’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is a central thread in the new University Strategy which will steer us through the next decade.

Our future success will depend on the strength of the shared purpose that exists across the University community. That in turn needs us to remove barriers and create opportunities to support all of our colleagues to achieve their potential. The gender pay gap is one such barrier and we need to tackle it with energy and impact.
Although we have seen progress in some areas within the 2020 report, it is disappointing that we have seen an increase in both the median and mean gender pay gap. Detailed analysis reveals two main drivers behind this increase. Firstly, women are over represented in low paying roles, in particular among students who carry out casual work as student ambassadors at recruitment and other events. Second, women are under represented in higher paid professorial roles. Our action plan for the coming year will pay particular attention to these two areas.
To bring about the change we will require all those in leadership positions across the University to act as role models for inclusive attitudes and working practices. This is a firm priority for the University Executive Board. I hope you will join us in making change happen.
Professor Charlie Jeffery,
Vice-Chancellor and President
The Athena Swan charter recognises work undertaken to address gender equality.

Gender pay gap report 2020 document