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Contact the Planning and Risk Office

For general enquiries email us on or telephone 2133 for Planning queries (01904 322133 if dialling from outside the University) or 5154 for SIA queries (01904 325154 if dialling from outside the University).

Planning and Risk Office staff

Name Title Email Phone  
Rebekah Desport Director of Planning and Risk 2132
Norma Wright PA to Director of Planning and Risk 2133 Norma Wright
Dr Russell Grant Risk Manager 4048
Dr Geoff Harrison Strategic Planning Partner 4053
Gary Hewitt Strategic Planning Partner 2081
TBC Strategic Planning Partner      
Michelle Hughes EDI Exchange Project Director 2070  
Bridget Carter Ellis Strategic Planning Project Officer (on secondment from Governance)    


Strategic Insight and Analysis Team

SIA staff are based in H/B25, Heslington Hall.

Name Title Email Phone  
Bethan Ellis Head of Strategic Insight and Analysis     
Bill Mackintosh Strategic Insight and Analysis Manager 4276  
Karen Payne Strategic Insight and Analysis Manager 3387  
Susana Liarte Senior Strategic Insight Analyst 5154
Aurora Broom Strategic Insight Analyst

Maria Hyde Strategic Insight Analyst

Sam Thorpe League Tables Project Analyst    

Access and Participation Monitoring and Evaluation Team

For general enquiries, please contact us on

Jess Burchell Research and Evaluation Officer   
Amy Simkin Research and Evaluation Officer


Legal Services Team

For general enquiries, please contact us on

Name Title Email Phone  
Julia Durham Head of Legal Services

Tessa Ingram  Solicitor

Debbie Wilkinson Legal Operations Co-ordinator

Ian Morgan  Administrator for Legal Services

Durham Burt Data Protection Officer

Josh McKim Information Governance Officer

Frances Horrocks  Information Governance Officer

Matthew Cox Insurance Manager

Sarah Broom Assistant Insurance Officer


Health and Safety Services 

Monica Kanwar  Director of Health and Safety

Andrew Johnstone  Health and Safety Officer

Simon Render  Assistant Fire Safety Officer

Jane Holmes Health and Safety Officer

Martyn Godwin Radiation Protection Officer

Koran Baldwin Fire Safety Officer

Sarah Beeston Assistant Health and Safety Advisor