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Information for contractors

As a contractor working at the University, you'll need to be aware of the requirements and responsibilities for undertaking contracted works.  

Please make sure you are familiar with the contractor competency checklist below, as well as our other site rules. You can also find useful information about access and parking.

The Contractor Reception is operating a remote service. Contractors should sign on and off site by calling the Facilities Helpdesk on +44 (0) 1904 325555 during normal office hours (7.45am-5pm Monday to Thursday, 7.45am-4pm Friday). Outside of these hours and on public holidays please call +44 (0) 1904 323200.

Who is a contractor?

A contractor is anybody engaged in a work activity or undertaking who is not an employee of the University. Contractors are typically engaged for maintenance, repairs, installation, demolition or other routine maintenance work activities that involve an interaction with the fabric of a building or University grounds.

Examples of contracted work

  • Installation, repair or modification of wires, data cables or street lighting.
  • Installation, repair or modification of the Fire Alarm System.
  • Installation, repair or modification of water or heating systems.
  • Installation, repair or modification of CCTV systems.
  • Installation, repair or modification of fixed ventilation systems.
  • Installation or removal of fixed catering equipment.
  • Replacement of windows, frames or casings.
  • Road or footpath repairs including any excavations.
  • Roof repairs and maintenance activities including scaffolding.
  • Decorating including plastering, wall papering, patching or repairs.
  • Grass cutting, tree and forestry management.

Agency/Temporary, Mobile Workers and Delivery Drivers

Agency/Temporary, Mobile Workers and Delivery Drivers etc to University premises are not deemed a contractor. Examples of deliveries may include:

  • Food deliveries including Bookers, 3663 and Spar Shop UK.
  • Wallis stationery/office furniture supplies.
  • City of York Council waste and refuse collections.
  • Commercial waste collections including catering waste/recycling oils etc.
  • Deliveries and collections of materials and waste products from Departments.

Service Engineers

Service Engineers do not interact with the fabric of a building. Service Engineers maintain and repair University owned or hired equipment including Academic, Research, Teaching and support equipment and are not deemed a contractor.

In most circumstances this equipment is supported by a maintenance agreement or ‘call-off contract,’ and the University Requesting Officer/Departmental Buildings/Facility Manager should authorise/approve such requests.

Service Engineers are required to book in at the Department where the equipment is located. It is the responsibility of the University Requesting Officer/Departmental Buildings/Facility Manager to arrange and facilitate/host the Service Engineer during their visit, ensuring Local Rules etc are followed.

Service Engineers are not required to book in to the University via Dalham Farm unless the activities involve an interaction with the fabric of a building or University grounds. If so, the Service Engineer is deemed a contractor.

Examples of Services Engineers activities may include the following:

  • Photocopy maintenance and repair.
  • Repair and maintenance of stand-alone research equipment, for example electron microscopes, gas chromatography and spectrometry equipment.
  • Inspection and maintenance of vehicles and associated ancillaries.
  • Inspection and maintenance of free standing commercial catering equipment.
  • Communication Information Technology (CIT) equipment including Personal Computers (PC) and lasers printers etc.

Engineers assessing or quoting work

A Contractor or Service Engineer attending the University for assessing potential work or quotation for work (non-intrusive inspection) is deemed a visitor. Visitors to the University should book in with their respective University Requesting Officer/Departmental Buildings/Facility Manager. The visitor is then the responsibility of the University Requesting Officer/Departmental Buildings/Facility Manager

The above list of examples is for guidance only and is not intended to be definitive.

Contractor requirements

Contractors are required to submit a suitable risk assessment supported by a Method Statement for their authorised work activities to the University Requesting Officer/Project Manager for approval. A Job Ticket will be issued and authorised to the contractor booking in at Dalham Farm before commencing any work activities.

Contractors undertaking work covered by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (CDM) have specific legal responsibilities.

Site induction

It is a requirement that all operatives working at the University of York have completed an Estates Induction within the last 12 months. These must currently be completed online and in advance of arriving on site. In order to complete the induction you must thoroughly read the Site Rules document below and then complete the following Online Induction Assessment.

Site compounds

A site compound which uses any of the University car parking facilities needs to be agreed by the Head of Facilities Services and Sustainable Transport or an Estates Project Manager.


Unless specifically agreed with the Transport Team, contractors should NOT:

  • park on grassed areas
  • park longer than the one hour which is permitted (or time stated on notice) in a delivery and service bay

Contractor vehicles are permitted to use short stay parking bays at no charge. Parking in these areas is restricted to between 15 minutes and one hour and users are prohibited to return within two hours to any short stay parking bay.

Contractor vehicles can park in University visitors or staff car parks upon purchase of a contractors parking permit, at a cost of £5 per day, £40 a month or £400 a year.

All contractor permits should be purchased online via the parking portal. If you are not able to use the online system for any reason, daily and weekly permits can be purchased from the Mailroom (next to Dalham Farm).

Using the online parking portal

  • In order to create an account, you must have an email address that you can access easily. Set up requires you to click on a confirmation link sent by email.
  • Once an account is set up, click on permit application and select the 'contractor permit'.
  • You'll be asked to provide details of your work on site and or a valid Contractor Database J Number to show you are authorised to work on campus. 

Please note that you can currently add up to 3 vehicles on one permit, however only 1 vehicle is registered to park at any one time. If you wish to change the registered vehicle, you must log back into the system and change which vehicle is active.

Access and directions

Below you can find access routes for contractors:

Campus West Contractor Access Routes

Campus East Contractor Access Routes