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Working papers in railway & transport studies

[-]Down the American road? Industrial research on the London, Midland and Scottish Railway, 1923-1947 - Colin Divall, IRS&TH

[-]What happens if we think about railways as a kind of consumption? - Colin Divall, IRS&TH

[-]Railways in the imperial imagination - Robert Lee, University of Western Sydney, MacArthur

[-]Potential World Heritage Sites in Asia and the Pacific - Robert Lee, University of Western Sydney, MacArthur

[-]Going places? Visitors, enthusiasts and the public history of transport- Colin Divall, IRS&TH (Inaugural lecture as Professor of Railway Studies in the University of York)

[-]Transport: then, now, and tomorrow - Ralph Harrington (Worshipful Company of Carmen Lecture, given at the Royal Society of Arts, London, 25 November 1998)

[-]The railway accident: trains and trauma in nineteenth-century Britain - Ralph Harrington

[-]Perceptions of the locomotive driver: image and identity on British railways, c.1840-c.1950 - Ralph Harrington( contains illustrations)

[-]Is collecting railway ephemera an archaeological task? - Robert Forsythe, Industrial and Transport Heritage Historian and Consultant (contains illustrations)

[-]Writing the Biography of Edward Watkin - David Hodgkins

[-]Ghosts, trains and trams: the technologies of transport in the ghost stories of M. R. James - Ralph Harrington

[-]ASLEF and the Locomotive Engine Drivers’, Firemen’s And Cleaners’ Union
of Western Australia – Some Comparisons And Contrasts In Their Early
- Bobbie Oliver



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