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We started building our innovative new Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence in July 2012

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Research is carried out under across 4 Technology Platforms

The MSc in Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology is  the first course of its kind to be accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The MSc is designed to equip you with the necessary skills in green chemistry and green chemical technology to prepare you for a range of different careers in research, process development, environmental services, law, consultancy and government. There is increasing pressure in industry for companies to become more sustainable by developing environmentally friendly products, minimising waste, using renewable resources, and to maintain cleaner processes throughout.

As a graduate of an MSc in Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology, you would be well placed to fulfill a variety of roles within this global demand for greener and more sustainable chemicals and processes. The skills gained in this course apply not only to the chemical/related industry but also many other career paths including the manufacturing industry in general, scientific research, legal and environmental services, government and the retail trade.

Course Details

Delivered via a combination of lectures, workshops and seminars, the MSc programme lasts for 12 months. In addition to academic experts in the field, lectures are also given by external visitors from related industries, ensuring that the course content is both up to date and relevant. There is often the opportunity for site visits to relevant workplaces.

Research Projects

Students are given a unique opportunity to solve current and real industrial problems by undertaking a core six-month projects carried out during the latter part of the course with industrial partners or other organisations.

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New Building

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We started building our innovative new Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence in July 2012.

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‎Outreach Activities

MSc students are involved in raising awareness of green chemistry in school children and the general public.


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