The York Award demonstrates to employers that you have taken a proactive approach to life at university and your own personal development.

The Award recognises your involvement in societies, clubs, college committees, departmental events, volunteering, work experience and employer events.

University life is about much more than your degree. There are so many opportunities to enhance your skills and make you more attractive to employers. The York Award provides a framework for reflecting on your experiences.

The Award has three stages and you will gain recognition at the end of each stage. You will be supported throughout the process by the Careers team, colleges and employers.

  • Stage one helps to consolidate your first year undergraduate experience. You will need to develop a range of skills by participating in different activities and complete an application form at the start of the second year.
  • Stage two, known as York Award Gold is primarily aimed at third year undergraduate students. It can also be taken by postgraduate students. The emphasis is on self-reflection and skills development and it is available at the very start of the third year.
  • Stage three, York Leaders, is an elite programme for a selected group of potential leaders from both final year undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students accepted onto the programme will work with a range of employers who will deliver master classes and workshops.

"It is a great way to develop your own understanding of your strengths and skills as well as being able to see all your achievements throughout your time at university."

York Award graduate