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Congratulations on your offer! We hope we'll get the chance to meet you soon.

In the meantime, we'd like to give you the chance to learn more about some key staff members.

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Meet our Head of Archaeology, Professor Nicky Milner, and find out more about her research.

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Meet our Director for Students, Professor Richard Waites. Find out more about his lifelong passion for biology, and his role at York. 

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I love teaching at York - from the great discussions in tutorials, to the buzz of a workshop, to the excitement of seeing the first data from an undergraduate project. I'm motivated by the enormous practical applications of chemistry, which are woven through the core lectures, helping you to see the authentic applications of what you are learning.

Professor Kirsty Penkman, Chemistry

Meet our Admissions Tutor, Professor Andy Parsons. Find out more about his career, and watch his recent TED Talk on using chemistry to form a brighter future. 

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Meet Professor Kirsty Penkman. Find out more about her love for teaching at York, and how she uses chemistry to understand the past.

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Meet Lecturer Lilian Blot. Read his profile, where he talks about his background and work in Computer Science.

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One of our Computer Science students, Jordan, sat down with Dr Nick Pears to chat about York, computer science, and adapting during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Read Lecturer Dr Mathilde Peron's profile, where she talks about her ongoing research, teaching, and what it's like to be an Economics student at York.

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Meet Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr Jeremy Airey. Read about how and why he went from studying pathology to working in Science Education at York.

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The best thing about what we do is bringing students to the coalface of what real engineering is as early as possible. I love exposing students to real, project-based learning, which we do from day one. I think that’s absolutely essential, particularly in areas such as engineering, so that you start to build the foundations of what you’re going to be up against in the real world.

Dr Adar Pelah, Electronic Engineering

Meet Dr Adar Pelah, Reader in Electronic Engineering. Find out more about his background, and his research in medical diagnostics and rehabilitation technology.

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We also sat down with Dr John Bissell, a lecturer who teaches Mathematical Engineering here at York, to chat about what he likes about the subject, and why electronic engineering is relevant to everyday life.

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Meet Lecturer Dr George Younge. Find out about his background and expertise in the transition from Old English to Middle English, after the Norman invasion.

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Meet Senior Lecturer Dr Samarthia Thankappan. Find out more about her background and research into food provisions in a changing climate. 

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Meet our Global Development core lecturers, Phil Roberts and Eleanor Jew

Read More about our lecturers


Meet Head of History, Professor Laura Stewart. Find out more about her passion for 17th-century Scotland, its relevance today, and what you can expect when you join us.

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Meet the Head of History of Art, Professor Liz Prettejohn. Read more about her background and expertise in Pre-Raphaelite British art.

Read more about Liz


Meet Senior Lecturer Professor Sam Hellmuth, and find out more about her background. 

Read more about Sam


One of our English Language and Linguistics students, Grace, chats with her lecturer Dr George Bailey. They discuss what students do after their degrees, and why he loves teaching at York. 

In conversation with... Language and Linguistic Science 

Also, one of our Linguistics with French students, Hannah, chats with Géraldine Enjelvin

In conversation with... Language and Linguistic Science 

Meet 1st-Year Tutor Dr Jed Meers. He teaches modules throughout the course, and his research focuses on social welfare. 

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I use history in class. Strategic management draws on theories from history, sociology, law - it’s a bit of an interdisciplinary melting pot. If you’ve only looked at business from a mathematical or financial perspective, this is a really different way of thinking. The key for me is to be critical: question everything - don’t take anything at face value.

Dr Chris Corker, Management

Meet our Director of Undergraduate Programmes, Dr Chris Corker. Read more about his background and research on the history of the steel industry.

Read more about Chris


Meet Professor Kasia Rejzner, part of our admissions team. Read more about how she started her academic career as a physicist, and her work on the maths that underpins quantum theory.

Read more about Kasia


Also, one of our students, Molly, spoke to Dr Ian McIntosh about why he enjoys teaching and researching maths.

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Meet Helen Recchia, Programme Lead. Read more about her background, and why she loves midwifery. 

Read more about Helen


Lauren, a Midwifery student, spoke to Helen Recchia about what to expect as a student midwife.

Read the interview

Meet Dr Stef Conner, a lecturer in composition, an award-winning composer, and a professional singer in multiple genres. 

Read more about Stef 

Hear from Robert Hollingworth, Anniversary Reader in Music, about his musical interests, how he's been filling his time during lockdown and what he loves about working at York.

Meet Our Staff – Robert Hollingworth

Meet Director of School, Dr Katherine Selby. Read more about her fascination with the natural environment, and what you can expect when you join us in the autumn.

Read more about Katherine

Meet Pre-Registration Nursing Lead, Jess Powell. Read more about Jess, and why she chose Nursing. 

Read more about Jess


Meet Nursing Subject Lead Rob Allison. Read more about Rob, and his specialisation in Mental Health.

Read more about Rob


Meet Dr Rob Trueman, Chair of the Board of Studies. Find out more about his background and interest in teaching the study of logic.

Read more about Rob


Meet Dr Hannah Carnegy-Arbuthnott, an Undergraduate Admissions Officer. Her research focuses on property rights and self-ownership.

Read more about Hannah


2nd-Year Philosophy student Heather chats to her lecturer Chris Jay about studying Philosophy at York.

Read the interview

Meet Dr Dominic Spengler, Chair of Board of Examiners. Read about his career, and why he feels Philosophy, Politics and Economics stands out at York. 

Read more about Dominic



I would encourage you to be curious. There are lots of wise and interesting people at York. If you are curious, you will learn more from them. There are many ways to learn - not just in the classroom.

Dr Mikhail Bashkanov, Physics

Meet Dr Mikhail Bashkanov, an Ernest Rutherford Fellow. Read more about his background, and what you can expect when you join us.

Read more about Mikhail


Meet Lecturer Dr Alfred Moore. Learn more about his unusual route to studying politics, and his research on the role of experts in democratic politics.

Read more about Alfred


Meet Professor Tim Andrews, Head of Psychology. Read more about his career, and his interest in the brain processes involved in how we see. 

Read more about Tim


Social Policy

Meet Lecturer Dr Ruth Patrick. Read more about her career, and her research on the impact of social policy on lived experiences of poverty.

Read more about Ruth


Meet Lecturer Dr Rachel Vipond. Learn about her career, and her interest in criminal justice. 

Read more about Rachel

Social Work

Meet Programme Lead Dr Kelly Devenney. Learn more about her background, and how social work can change the way you think. 

Read more about Kelly


One of our students, Vanessa, chats with Social Work Programme Leader Professor Martin Webber.

In conversation with... Social Work

Also, Ana-Maria, a student studying Social Policy, Crime and Criminal Justice, sat down with Dr Dan Horsfall, who is a senior lecturer in Comparative Social Policy, to chat about why he loves what he teaches.

Read the interview

Meet Lecturer James Cummings. Read more about his background, overseas involvements, and more on studying Sociology at York. 

Read more about James


Studying in TFTI is creatively hands-on, intellectually exciting, and full of possibilities! Every subject involves a mix of theory and practice, so as to combine the intellectual rigour of critical thinking, reading and writing with practical work to hone skills and knowledge.

Dr Jenna Ng, Interactive Media

Business of the Creative Industries

Meet Admissions Tutor Dr Ed Braman. Learn more about Ed's background in current affairs and documentary filmmaking. 

Read more about Ed


Film and TV Production

Meet Admissions Tutor Paul Ryan. Find out about Paul's career, and how he's working to encourage diversity in the industry. 

Read more about Paul


Interactive Media

Meet Senior Lecturer Dr Jenna Ng. Find out about her background and research.

Read more about Jenna


Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance

Meet Head of 1st Year, Dr Louise LePage. Find out more about her background. 

Read more about Louise


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For any support or guidance on completing your journey to York, we're always close at hand.
+44 (0)1904 324000