Changing your loans

If you wish to change the value your of loan(s) please contact Student Financial Support with full details of the changes you wish to make.

Please let us know at least two weeks before the next disbursement date to ensure we have time to process your request.

Increasing your loans

Increases are subject to your cost of attendance limit. We must pay any increases to your loan in a minimum of two disbursements.

If you wish to increase your loans above the fixed cost of attendance you'll need to provide evidence of any additional expenses. Not all additional expenses can be approved.

If you have a PLUS Loan with an endorser, you'll only be able to increase your loan up to the endorsed amount. If your endorser is willing to increase the endorsed amount they will have to complete a new application.

Decreasing your loans

Your PLUS Loan will usually be reduced first as this is the most expensive. Further reductions will be taken from Unsubsidised loan(s).

Changes to the value of your loans will be spread across your remaining disbursements for the year.

Cancelling your loans

If you cancel your loan after receiving funds you'll need to complete exit counselling. Notify Student Financial Support once your exit counselling is complete. If you cancel your loan you're still responsible for paying any outstanding university fees.

Complete exit counselling

Early submittal

If you intend to submit your thesis before the end of the academic year, it may mean you cannot receive any outstanding disbursements for the year, and may mean part of your last disbursement will need to be returned. Please contact Student Financial Support before doing so.

Once you've submitted your thesis, your student status will change and your eligibility for loans will end. If your loan ends before all of your University fees are paid then you'll be personally responsible for the balance.