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Skills development opportunities over Easter

Posted on 12 March 2021

Continue developing your academic and communication skills over Easter with our series of online workshops.

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Theme: Academic English

Hedging: Language of facts and opinions
Monday 22 March
Looking at the differences between the language of hypothesis, opinion and fact.

Signposting: Showing logical connections
Wednesday 24 March
Do you find that discovering the logical connections between your points is sometimes challenging? How can you help the reader follow your argument easily?

Theme: Assignment journey

Understanding the brief and time planning
Tuesday 23 March
The first of this mini-series to help you prepare for your assignments over the Easter break will be
focused on understanding your assignment brief so you respond to what it is asking you to do. We will also look at how you plan your time and reading.

Reading, organising your notes and referencing
Tuesday 30 March
The second workshop in this mini-series to help you prepare for your assignments over the Easter break will be focused on reading and organising your notes to help you structure your work and then a look at referencing.

Writing: Structure, style, grammar vocabulary
Friday 9 April
The third workshop in this mini-series to help you prepare for your assignments over the Easter break will be focused on getting reading to write and raising awareness of academic style and the grammar and vocabulary common to academic writing.

Proofreading and editing
Tuesday 13 April
The fourth workshop in this mini-series to help you prepare for your assignments over the Easter break will be focused on proofreading and editing your work by learning a number of different strategies and techniques for helping you to redraft your written work and also identify and correct errors.

Theme: Cultural discovery

Generational differences
Monday 22 March
How are generations classified in your country? Have you come across terms such as Baby Boomer, The Greatest Generation, Generation X? What are the attitudes to different generations in your country?

The environment
Friday 26 March
We all live in it and we all care about it, but the environment around us is being affected by the
actions of humans more now than ever before. What are the dangers facing our own
environments, and what could and should we do to try to mitigate these?

Food and cooking
Monday 29 March
How and what we cook is strongly linked to culture and our environment. In this session we take a look at traditional British dishes, discuss whether British food really is bland and focus on some of the newer trends emerging in UK cuisine such as vegetarianism and veganism.

British humour
Thursday 1 April
Sarcasm, puns, insults, self-deprecation, satire: what really makes the British laugh? In this session
we will look at various types of humour and how it differs according to culture. You may even end up
'splitting your sides'.

School days
Tuesday 6 April
School days are the best days of your life. Is this true for you? In this session you will have the opportunity to compare school systems around the world and your experience of school. You will also have the opportunity to discuss what makes a good educational environment for children and teenagers and some of the problems faced by school children today.

University life
Monday 12 April
What is life really like at a UK university? What are the challenges and benefits of studying at one? The session will look at the typical day of a UK student and explore the differences between Higher Education in the UK and other countries.

Gender roles
Friday 16 April
Gender roles - and how they have changed within the last century - vary across different cultures. In this session, we discuss how you perceive them, and how your views and ideals may be similar or different to that of other students in the session.

Theme: Communication

Tips and tricks for good communication
Wednesday 7 April
Do you need to improve your communication skills or help others to communicate better? This workshop will summarise the main tips and advice and give you practical ideas to help make sure that communication is clear and appropriate for a diverse audience.

What other support is available?

  • Get involved with our community groups where you can learn from others and share your experiences.
  • Sign up for a one-to-one appointment at the Writing Centre for additional help with your writing or study skills.
  • Book a study coaching appointment for help finding out where your personal challenges are and how to overcome them.

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