Accessibility statement

Problems during your tenancy

If there is a problem with the property, you need to inform your landlord immediately. Take photos of the problem and keep a record of communications such as emails, letters, and maintaining notes of phone calls. The action your landlord or agent takes and how quickly the situation is addressed will depend on the severity of the problem.

For example, if your house has not been adequately cleaned upon moving in, it could take a few days to arrange for a cleaning service to visit the property. If, however, there is a major issue such as no running water, your landlord or agent should act more quickly to resolve the problem.

My landlord has not carried out necessary repairs

Repairs should be carried out within a reasonable amount of time.

If there is a serious fault that is not being addressed within a reasonable time by your landlord, you can contact the City of York Council to Report concerns about your rented home (private tenancy). They will investigate the property and force the landlord to carry out any necessary repairs.

If you have paid for repairs yourself and want to receive compensation for this, please get in touch with the Student Advice Team at the Student Hub.

There is a misconception that you can be evicted through ‘revenge eviction’ if you request repairs or complain about repairs. Your landlord cannot threaten you in this way. Read more about your rights around eviction and Revenge eviction if you ask for repairs.

My landlord visits unannounced and uses intimidating behaviour

You have a right to the quiet enjoyment of the property. Your landlord must give you at least 24 hours written notice before they intend to visit the property.

Your landlord should only visit the property for the following reasons:

  • To inspect the state of the property
  • To show prospective tenants or purchasers around the property
  • To carry out essential repairs and maintenance
  • To carry out legal obligations (eg gas safety checks)

There can be exceptions to the above if you and the landlord have agreed in the contract for the landlord to carry out cleaning or gardening.

If your landlord visits unannounced, please get in touch with the Student Advice Team at the Student Hub.

There is a lot of damp and mould in the property

Black mould can affect your health and ruin possessions. It is your responsibility to clean any mould. It is the landlord’s responsibility to fix the cause of the mould growth provided it is not your fault.

Before you complain to the landlord, check that you:

  • Do not dry wet clothes on radiators or on banisters in the property
  • Ensure your tumble dryer is ventilated correctly
  • Ensure the house is evenly heated throughout
  • Use an extractor fan in the bathroom and kitchen, if you have one

If the problem persists, you can contact the City of York Council about Preventing condensation, damp and mould. They will follow the regulations of the Housing Act 2004 to examine the property.

I am not getting along with my housemates

It is important to treat your housemates with dignity and respect. It is not acceptable to intentionally exclude someone from household activities or to harass them for any reason.

Misconduct against your housemate off campus could result in disciplinary action by the University. For students on professional courses, such behaviour could also impact on your fitness to practice.

Large houses need to ensure effective communication is in place to avoid and mitigate disagreements. Useful tips include:

  • A house whiteboard to leave messages or updates
  • A lead contact person for communicating with the landlord or agency
  • Always informing your housemates before inviting friends and family over to the property
  • Setting agreed upon ‘house rules’
  • Setting up an agreed upon rota for cleaning
  • Organise a chart for paying utility bills

If a situation becomes irreparable, there could be options to end your tenancy early, depending on the conditions in your tenancy agreement. This could include an option to find a replacement tenant to take over your rent.

See more advice in our health and wellbeing pages:


I am not getting along with my neighbours

If your neighbours are causing problems, you can get advice from:

Show consideration for your neighbours:

  • If you plan to have a social event which could become noisy, let your neighbours know in advance and end the event at a reasonable time.
  • Put your rubbish or recycling out by the kerb on the correct day and don't forget to bring your emptied bin and boxes back in. If you miss your collection day, or have extra rubbish and recycling, you can take it to Hazel Court Household Waste Recycling Centre.
  • Make sure you park both considerately and legally.

We take misconduct in the community very seriously and repeat offenders may find themselves facing disciplinary action under Regulation 7.