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Living others is an integral part of university life, but isn't always a breeze; here's what to do if things go wrong.

Who to contact


You can have one occasional adult guest stay in your room for a maximum of two consecutive nights, providing this does not disrupt other residents and it is not a regular arrangement. You should inform your flatmates beforehand.

Remember, you’re responsible for your guests' actions. You should remain with them while they are staying. Do not give them your key.

Dealing with problems

Although we hope you won’t have any problems with your housemates, it’s normal for people living together to disagree occasionally.

If you don’t feel you can tackle the problem alone or you’ve tried without success, speak to your college team. Your College Tutor may help you to hold a flat meeting to tackle small problems. More serious issues may be escalated to your College Manager.

Any form of violence, bullying, discrimination or intimidating behaviour is taken very seriously. You should to contact a member of your college team if you are verbally or physically harassed by a fellow resident.

If you experience or witness a disciplinary offence such as intimidating behaviour or drug use, you should report it online.


You must be respectful towards other people living and/or working in and around your residence at all times. In particular, don’t make any loud noise between 11pm and 8am, or at any time in the week before and during exam periods.

Use your common room for anything that might disturb your neighbours after 11pm, such as playing music, watching videos or making phone calls.

If you are struggling to reach an agreement with your housemates or neighbours, you can email your college team for support. If the noise becomes antisocial out of hours, call Security on +44 (0)800 434444 for immediate help.