Student misconduct

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All our students should be able to live, learn and research in a peaceful and supportive environment. 

The University has a duty of care to protect its community and promote wellbeing, equality and fairness. There are regulations and procedures in place to deal with students who do not abide by the rules. 

Reporting an incident of student misconduct

If you experience or witness a disciplinary offence you should report it using the online incident reporting form as soon as possible

You may complete the form yourself or someone else can do it on your behalf.

Please be aware that we cannot accept anonymous reports. You will have to give your name and contact details.

Click to complete Incident Reporting Form

A disciplinary offence is an unjustified or illegal action which causes (or may cause) injury, harm or damage to people, property or the University’s reputation.

See Regulation 7: Student discipline for:

  • full definition of disciplinary offences
  • precautionary measures
  • disciplinary process
  • investigation procedure
  • appeals process

What happens next?

We will contact you within two working days of receiving the completed form.

We will consider the case, investigate and (if appropriate) put precautionary measures in place to safeguard the reporting person or anyone else involved.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, disciplinary procedures may be instigated.


There are lots of people who can help you with the emotional impact of an incident. Please visit the Help and support web page for more information and links.

Incidents involving staff

This form is for reporting incidents of student misconduct only. If you wish to report a member of staff you should email the Student Hub for advice and guidance.