Accessibility statement

Common interest groups

In addition to the Information Sessions, there are groups which are established to bring together people with a shared interest.

The intention of these groups is to enable members to meet together, focus on their common interest and at the same time develop relationships which give them a chance to discuss other issues and support each other.

Our groups follow the following principles. We:

  • aim to be welcoming and supportive,
  • value activity,
  • believe talking helps,
  • see physical health as being as important as mental health,
  • believe we’re all on a physical health continuum,
  • believe we’re all on a mental health continuum,
  • try to be non judgemental, and 
  • maintain confidentiality.

These are informal groups, with meetups organised by the members. If you'd like to join one of the existing groups, please click on the icon below and fill in the form - someone from the group will be in touch soon.

If you've got an idea for a new group, please email

A football boot on a grass pitch. Boot on the other foot by markhillary is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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