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Christmas stocking campaign 2021

Posted on 11 November 2021

Every year staff, alumni and friends of the University give money to provide Christmas stockings for our Care Experienced and Estranged Students.

Care Experienced and Estranged Students may have nowhere to go over the winter vacation, may spend Christmas Day alone, and may not receive a single gift.

Fran Hornsby, the dedicated contact for Care Experienced and Estranged Students, said: “We were astonished by people’s generosity last year, and want to continue to demonstrate our care this year. We need your help so that our stockings can be jam-packed with thoughtful and lovely gifts (and Christmas socks!).”

Our students really appreciate the gifts they receive. In 2020, one said: “The first time I received a Christmas stocking was last year. If I’m honest I wasn’t even expecting anything from anyone so it was just a welcome surprise. It was really nice to know that the University cared about us students who wouldn’t really be celebrating Christmas. I felt like I wasn’t truly alone and everything was just so thoughtful.”

Each stocking costs £30 and we are aiming to provide 100 stockings this year.

Please contribute before Sunday 21 November.

Find out how to contribute to the Christmas Stocking Campaign