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University Strategy update

Posted on 2 February 2020

An update from Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charlie Jeffery.

Dear colleagues,

I wanted to give you an update on the progress we are making with the development of a new University Strategy 2030.

Last term we started the conversation and on behalf of UEB I would like to say thank you to everyone we met and to everyone who sent in their thoughts and ideas. It was enormously important to take the conversation into all parts of the University and make sure everyone had an opportunity to contribute.

Using the outcome of these conversations and the feedback received, we have drafted a new Vision Statement which will guide the next phase of the Strategy process. This Vision Statement has been used as the launch-pad for working groups to take on the task of proposing a number of objectives to deliver against eleven key themes identified during the consultation (eight strategic and three infrastructure themes). These objectives will then form the basis of a second round of consultation when we will be asking you again for your thoughts and recommendations. This next consultation will happen through the second half of March and April 2020.

The timeline is tight but we hope, with that second phase of consultation, to have the new strategy ready for Senate and Council to consider and approve by the end of July 2020. Once approved we can then start the work to develop an implementation plan that takes us to the end of 2030.

Details of the working groups including membership and descriptions of the key themes will be published online shortly, and we will provide you with regular updates on progress.

Thank you all again for your continued support and enthusiasm.