Updating and creating content in the CMS

The University's web pages are built and maintained in our Web Content Management System (CMS), managed by Communications.

The Communications Support team can make updates to an existing web page or area of the website for you.

Request an update through our online form.

Updating and editing web pages

Before you can edit web pages, you'll need to take our training on using the system and creating content. There's a lot to learn and remember, so if you only need to edit a small number of pages, or won't be using the system regularly, we recommend that the Communications Support team makes the updates for you, which you can submit directly through our online form.

If you are going to be maintaining a large number of web pages, read through our training and support guidance for next steps in accessing the system.

Creating new web pages or redeveloping existing pages

We have experts in the team who can guide you through what's involved in creating new web pages, bringing user experience, users needs, content strategy and governance to your content. 

We can also help if you're looking to redevelop your existing content, providing analytics data, user experience advice, and in some cases support with making the changes.

If you're looking to create new web pages or redevelop existing pages, get in touch at communications-support@york.ac.uk