Shine supports pupils from schools across Yorkshire, the Humber and North East to reach their full potential. 

Shine is a sustained programme of support provided to pupils throughout Year 7 to Year 11 , delivered in partnership with partner schools across the region. 

Our partner schools are located in targeted geographical areas and meet a range of socio-economic factors. Shine participants are high-achieving students from backgrounds that are underrepresented in higher education.

Shine aims to raise awareness and knowledge of higher education, while also inspiring, motivating and encouraging participants to realise their aspirations and achieve academic success.

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Programme of activities

Shine Year 10 Residential 2024 - Academic Research Task

The Shine team works with partner schools to provide a combination of whole cohort activity and a programme specific to a selected group of pupils. Activities include in-school workshops, visits to campus, residential events, online resources and webinars.

Shine supports large groups of Year 7 pupils. We deliver in-school workshops, online activities and competitions to introduce younger students to higher education and increase their awareness of the opportunities available.

As pupils progress through the programme, the Shine team builds on the foundations previously set and adds new insights into the benefits of entering higher education.

In Year 8, pupils will learn more about higher education and will be introduced to the many exciting and inspiring reasons why many students decide to progress to university. They will have the opportunity to meet current university pupils and alumni to learn more about their personal journeys to HE and beyond.

In Year 9, we work in partnership with Shine schools to select a small cohort of pupils to take part in a bespoke programme of activity through to Year 11. Selected pupils meet specific socio-economic criteria and are likely to gain the most from this more supportive and immersive aspect of the programme.

All Shine partner school pupils have continued access to bespoke online resources to supplement and consolidate their new learning for the remainder of the programme.

In Year 10, the Shine cohort have the opportunity to take part in an exciting two day, one night residential stay at the University of York. Pupils have the opportunity to get involved in academic sessions, student life sessions, evening activities, as well as getting to know current University of York students and Shine pupils from other partner schools.

The residential aims to give a unique snapshot of student life and help students to see higher education as an achievable goal.

In Year 11, pupils return to campus at the beginning of the academic year for the Shine Summit.

The Shine Summit aims to prepare pupils for success in their upcoming GCSEs by building confidence and developing practical study skills while motivating and inspiring pupils for the academic year ahead.

Once exams are finished, students and their families are invited back to campus for our Summer Celebration. This event provides a chance to celebrate the student's achievements, reflect upon Shine and prepare them for their post-16 adventures.

"Being on the Shine programme has had a positive influence on my daughter. She has benefitted from being part of a group and really enjoyed the visit to the University."

Parent of a Shine pupil

“Shine is a really worthwhile experience to help shape the future of young people. The programme has helped my son get a better view of what he wants to do at university and the Student Ambassadors have been an invaluable source of information and great role models. I also feel more comfortable and know lots more about university than I did before.”

Parent of a Shine pupil

Progression to post-16 programmes

After completing the Shine programme, pupils have the opportunity to join one the University of York's Post-16 programmes that aim to prepare students for future career decision making.

Discover our post-16 programmes.

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Matt Beswick
+44 (0)1904 323113