The University of York Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition challenges PhD students to educate and engage the audience with their research in just three minutes.

Research students pitch their work against the clock, often to a nail biting finish! They are competing to communicate the impact of their research to an audience and judging panel. The top three receive prizes and coaching for the national 3MT semi-final. Many of our finalists also put themselves forward for Falling Walls Labs.

The next Three Minute Thesis event will take place online on Wednesday 10 June 2020 as part of the York Festival of Ideas 2020. Book your free place at the final.

3MT was developed by the University of Queensland to celebrate the best research. Find out the breadth of work being undertaken at York through clear, engaging and concise presentations.

2020 goes online

Vote for your favourite during the York Three Minute Thesis online event! The finalists are:

  • Indoor spaces for outdoor minds: Landscape artists’ studios in London - Rhian Addison (History of Art) 
  • Music to your ears, words to mine - Rui Qi Choo (Education and Language & Linguistic Science)
  • Building suns on Earth: Solving the turbulence problem - Robert Davies (Plasma Institute, Department of Physics) 
  • Uncovering documentary's metaphors - Joe Horsey (Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media)
  • Can we catch it before it is cancer?Zainab Kidwai (Health Sciences) 
  • Your voice, ta voix? Comparing voices across languages - Justin Lo (Language & Linguistic Science)
  • Extinction studies: Imagining a world without bees - Rosamund Portus (Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media)
  • Crop waste to bug grub: Feeding the future with insects - Alexander Setchfield (Biology) 
  • Diet in 79 AD Herculaneum: A metabolic approachSilvia Soncin (Archaeology) 
  • The hidden microbial world of our plastic waste Katey Valentine (Environment and Geography)
  • The "junk" revolution - Katie West (Biology) 

Book your free place at the final

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2019 results

1st prize: William Trickey (Department of Physics), "Harnessing The Power Of The Sun With High Power Lasers"

2nd prize: Lucilla Lanzoni (Department Of Psychology) “A World Of Meanings: How Do We Choose?”

3rd prize: Rebecca Hall (Department Of Biology) “Lord Of The Flies: Simulating The Hidden Microbial World”

People’s Choice: Ian Foxley (Department Of Politics) “Why Don’t More (Good) People Speak Up About (Bad) Things?”

Watch the presentations

Lucilla Lanzoni, William Trickey, Ian Foxley, Rebecca Hall

3MT 2019

Our 2019 winners discussed harnessing the power of the sun and the psychology of choice.

3MT results 2019

3MT 2018

In 2018, our winner examined how women respond to beauty ideals.

3MT results 2018

3MT 2017

Our 2017 winner explained how election results are affected by days of the week.

3MT results 2017

3MT 2016

In 2016 our winning student took on the task of feeding the world with a good grain.

3MT results 2016

3MT 2015

Our 2015 winners explored why we trust and how to mend a broken heart.

3MT results 2015

3MT 2014

Our 2014 winners discussed childhood cancer, what cows say, and solar power.

3MT results 2014

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