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Politics placement student has article published

Posted on 27 April 2020

Politics placement student Sam Fitzpatrick has article published on YouGov

Congratulations to Politics placement student Sam Fitpatrick whose article "Brits increasingly don’t care whether Northern Ireland remains in the UK" has been published on YouGov.

Sam says "Since the Republic of Ireland went to the polls in early February, there has been increased speculation on what the results could mean for Northern Ireland. In addition to the region’s importance in the Brexit negotiations, Sinn Féin’s strong performance at the Irish election has given a boost to their demands for a border poll (a referendum in Northern Ireland on Irish reunification) within the next five years. As per the Good Friday Agreement, the decision to call a border poll rests with Westminster, but the measure has largely been thought to be an unpopular one in Britain.

However, the results of a new YouGov survey have shown that, in principle, more Brits are supportive of a border poll taking place in Northern Ireland than against it by 36% to 25%. A further 39% responded that they didn’t know, showing a strong element of disinterest amongst the British public."