Our work covers literature and poetry, vision and the visual arts, creativity, the arts of pre-history, art and the emotions, the nature of art and empirical approaches to aesthetics.

Our team has a greater concentration of specialists than almost any other English-speaking department.

We are world leaders in our field, currently ranked joint first in the world in the area of Philosophy of Art by the Philosophical Gourmet Report.


  • Professor Greg Currie
  • Art and cognitive science, the imagination and its place in the architecture of mind, philosophy of literature.
  • Dr Owen Hulatt
  • Analytic and continental approaches to aesthetics. Adorno, form-content unity, musical and literary profundity and artistic autonomy.
  • Professor Peter Lamarque
  • Philosophy of literature, especially interpretation, literature and truth. Art ontology, poetry, narrative and the self.
  • Celia Coll (celia.coll@york.ac.uk)
  • Particularism about Literary Value (supervisors: Dr Stephen Everson and Professor Peter Lamarque)
  • Britt Harrison (britt.harrison@york.ac.uk)
  • Cinematic humanism: realism not empiricism (supervisor: Professor Peter Lamarque)
  • Xuanqi Zhu (xuanqi.zhu@york.ac.uk)
  • Human aesthetic preferences - their origin and development from the perspective of evolution (supervisors: Professor Greg Currie and Dr Penny Spikins (Archaeology))

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