We are an active research group who share ideas and collaborate with colleagues from around the world.

We work on a broad range of topics from the nature of religious experience to the logical problem of evil.

Our workshop on the beatific vision, funded by the Innsbruck Analytic Theology Project, also served as the inaugural meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers, UK region. The speakers included Christina Van Dyke, György Geréby, Andrew Pinsent, Simon Gaine, and Joseph Stenberg. Many of the papers from that conference were published in a special issue of TheoLogica on the beatific vision.

St Benedict's Society

The St Benedict's Society for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology provides a forum for research in philosophy of religion and philosophical theology.

Our regular meetings have resulted in a number of collaborative papers being published.


  • Dr David Worsley
  • Philosophy of religion and analytic theology; moral character and virtue.
  • Professor Eleonore Stump (St Louis University)
  • Philosophy of religion, contemporary metaphysics and medieval philosophy.

Were the mass killings carried out by God in the Old Testament sufficiently morally justified? (supervisors: Dr David  Worsley and Professor Tom Stoneham)

Exploring Omnisubjectivity and the implications it has for other areas of the Philosophy of Christianity

  • Jane Wilson (jejw501@york.ac.uk)
    A theory of forgiveness (supervisors: Professor Christian Piller and Dr Martin O'Neill)
  • Catherine Yarrow (cy632@york.ac.uk)
    The philosophy of religious language (supervisor: Dr Barry Lee)