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Angelo Notari (1566/1573–1663): Spy, Copyist, Composer, Para-Composer and Arranger

Wednesday 29 May 2019, 4.00PM

Speaker(s): Professor Jo Wainwright, University of York

Angelo Notari was an Italian-born musician who moved to England in 1611 where, for reasons which will be made clear in the paper, he remained for the rest of his long life. Notari’s career in England, where he was active as a court musician under successive monarchs, is well documented, but until recently little was known about his life in Italy. Recent research has added important information about his early career in Padua and Venice and this new material about Notari’s patrons helps to explain his move to England.

This paper will examine Notari’s life and compositions and will argue for a large number of newly attributed works. This music appears in two surviving manuscripts (a score book and a fragmentary set of parts) copied by Notari and a set of manuscript parts copied by a London associate, Stephen Bing. The sources are examined and the reasoning for the attributions is made clear. The manuscripts also include a number of arrangements of pieces by other composers (including Monteverdi and Giovanni Gabrieli); these range from ornamented versions and variant readings through to reworkings that together represent the full gamut of compositional practice in the late sixteenth century and in the first half of the seventeenth century.

Location: Sally Baldwin D Block | D003