Piano class (special focus, pedalling)

Tuesday 15 November 2016, 2.00PM to 3.30pm

Speaker(s): Jakob Fichert

This session takes the form of a lecture/masterclass: a talk on pedalling, followed by the chance for three pianists to receive coaching with Jakob (observers welcome).

Contextualising Pedalling

This talk aims to analyse various aspects of pedalling whilst looking at pianistic contexts, in which it can be applied, intending to raise awareness and offer guidance on what to look out for when making pedalling decisions. Honouring the fact that there often exists more than one viable possibility, it is very important to develop adequate knowledge on the subject in order to reach correct and professional judgements. Whilst it is not possible to cover all aspects of this complex issue in 30 minutes, it is hoped that this mini lecture will encourage pianists to continue researching on pedalling-solutions with the pursuit to enhance and refine daily practice and performance.

Location: Lyons Concert Hall