Beyond the concert hall: creative exploration of performance sites for Western art music performers

Tuesday 29 November 2016, 2.00PM to 3.30pm

Speaker(s): Rupert Avis and Kier Hall

This demonstration/discussion explores the implications and benefits that an open and creative approach to performance sites beyond the concert hall can have for Western art Music Performers (WAM). The session will provide a brief history of WAM performance culture and the varying performance contexts that have been used. It will then outline current trends in WAM performance culture, including organisations such as Café Muse and Classical Revolution, and we’ll discuss sites we can explore as performers in and around York. We’ll also explore the benefits of becoming involved in music outside of WAM and the performative opportunities that can arise. This will be supplemented with a discussion and demonstration of a musical project started by Kier Hall (PhD, composition).

Overall, this session aims to encourage students to think creatively about how you can engage your skills in the general musical life of York and beyond in a variety of performative and musical contexts that are potentially hugely beneficial, and have relevance for future employability.

Location: D008