The 24 – China and Hong Kong Tour 2014

The 24 in China during their 2014 tour

To read in more detail about the tour, you can download The 24 Hong Kong and China Tour 2014 Blog (PDF  , 585kb).

In March 2014, The 24 embarked on their fourth tour of China, this time with an additional week in Hong Kong.

Spending nine days in the mainland, the choir sang six concerts under direction of eminent Chinese conductor, Zhu Bu Xi, to audiences of several hundred in Shenzhen, Shantou, Xuzhou, Hefei, Jinjiang and Wuhan. Upon arrival in Hong Kong on the tenth day of the tour, The 24 rounded of their run of concerts with a seventh performance at the Unviersity of Hong Kong alongside Taiwanese ensemble, the O Kai Singers.

The tour premiered two new works: The Whole River Red by Zhu Jie and A Touch of Rain by Professor Hing-yan Chan at the Unviersity of Hong Kong. Both pieces were written for this tour, and the latter was written specifically to be performed by The 24, O Kai, and a traditional Chinese instrument, the Sheung.

We had a wonderful time, made new friends on a professional and personal level and formed connections and relationships that will enable us to continue collaborating with choirs, composers and conductors from all over the world.

We are hugely grateful to our two major sponsors, Texon and Dentons, the funding body, YuFund at the University of York, and all of our other supporters (listed below), without whom this tour would not have been possible.

Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters:

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