Spend a year studying at one of our partner institutions around the world.

A year abroad can be life-changing. It's an opportunity for you to develop confidence, improve your language skills and enhance your CV.

You can add a year abroad to any of our three-year undergraduate degrees. If you successfully complete your year abroad, it will be reflected in the title of your degree - for example "BA Management (with a year abroad)" - demonstrating to potential employers that you are independent, resilient and open to new experiences. 

Your year abroad is in addition to the normal three years of the degree; it doesn't replace a year at York. To successfully complete your year abroad, you must complete 120 academic credits or equivalent (a normal year's workload) and achieve an overall passing grade. You must also write a short essay reflecting on your year abroad. The marks you receive in this year do not count towards the final mark for your degree.

BA/BSc Business and Management students also have the option to take a credit-replacing exchange, which replaces the second year of their course. If you're interested in this route, please contact us for more information.

We have exchange agreements with universities around the world, giving you access to people, places and cultures you might not otherwise experience.

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How to apply

You don't need to commit to a year abroad before you settle in at York. You can add a year abroad to any of our three-year undergraduate degrees after you begin your studies:

At the beginning of your second year we will invite you to apply to transfer to a 3+1 course. If your application is successful, you will spend your third year studying at a university overseas, before returning to York for the final year of your course.

You will need to have an average mark of 60% to be able to transfer to the 3+1 course.

Unfortunately, you can't take a year abroad if your course includes a year in industry.

How much does it cost?

While studying abroad you will pay a significantly reduced tuition fee to York, and nothing to your host university. You will normally need to meet travel costs and living expenses. You may be eligible to receive funding from your student finance provider, or other international mobility funds.

Preparing for a year abroad

In your second year at York, you will start preparing for your upcoming year abroad. You will attend a series of workshops organised by the Centre for Global Programmes. In addition, you will be able to attend a free language and intercultural competency course, to equip you with key skills and build your confidence.