Interlending and Document Supply Service

If the resource you need for your research is not held in the Library, you can make an interlibrary loan request through our Interlending and Document Supply (ILDS) Service.

If we supply your document from the British Library, please see the following information:

Before making a request

What can you request?

Books and chapters from books

  • Each individual volume/chapter counts as one request.
  • For copyright reasons only one chapter per book can be copied.
  • Loan periods vary according to the rules of the lending library and level of demand. Loans may be requested for return before the end of the loan period, even during vacations.
  • Some items may be available but are restricted to use in the Library only.

Journals and conference papers

  • We will try to get the item from another library as a loan where possible.
  • Articles and chapters will be supplied as an electronic document, and if this is not possible, then as a photocopy for you to keep.
  • Please note that copyright law forbids copying of more than one article or paper from a single journal issue. If you need more than one article we will try to borrow the whole issue.


British Doctoral Theses

Use EThOS (Electronic Theses Online Service) for searching and ordering most British PhD Theses. Many will be available in a digitised, electronic format, some for immediate free download; others may take longer to be supplied if they have not been digitised already.

You may find when ordering a thesis that you are asked to pay a £40 charge for digitisation. The University is not able to subsidise this charge, but we may be able to borrow a copy for you at the standard £2 charge. However, most higher education institutions will not lend original or only copies of their doctoral theses.

Theses from the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge are not available through EThOS. Access is by appointment at Oxford or Cambridge only.

British MA/MSc Theses

Make your request for this level of thesis using the Interlending request page. We will try to borrow a copy directly from the awarding institution at the standard £2 charge.

American Doctoral Theses

Make your request using the Interlending request page. If available from the British Library it will be sent on microfilm for the standard £2 charge. For those theses not held on microfilm and for all awarded after 1998, we can order a paper or electronic copy for you to keep. The charge for these will be £12.

American MA/MSc Theses

Make your request using the Interlending request page with as much information as possible. We will try to borrow a copy directly from the awarding Institution. This may take some time and is not always successful. The charge will be the standard £2.

Other foreign Theses

Make your request using the Interlending request page with as much information as possible. We will try to borrow a copy directly from the awarding Institution or using the British Library's World Wide Searches. This may take quite some time and is not always successful. The charge will be the standard £2.

Making a request

How to request

To make an Interlending request

  1. Select the request form you require
  2. Complete the form with as much information as you have.
    • Use the 'Additional Information' box to enter a workorder number, or any other useful information.
    • You can choose which library (JB Morrell or King's Manor) you want to collect your books from. Remember, some items may be for use in the library only. If you require more than one volume of a work, make separate requests for each volume.
  3. Submit the request.

Please note, there is a charge for this service.

How long will it take?

When will my items arrive?

  • Average supply time for a book is eight calendar days*
  • Average supply time for an article/chapter is six calendar days*

More difficult requests such as recently published, old, obscure or foreign material will take longer.

* Average times for the period July to September 2017

Checking your requests

Interlending items you have requested are listed in your Library Account.


Collecting books

  • We will let you know when your book arrives, normally by email. Please collect it from JB Morrell Library Help Desk or the King's Manor Library, as specified.
  • You will need to bring your University Card, as books will be issued to you.
  • Some items may be for use in the Library only.

Receiving electronic documents

Receiving photocopies

  • We will send photocopies to your mailing address and you can keep these.
  • Delivery of articles: 
    • Articles requested by members of staff will be delivered to a departmental address.
    • Articles requested by students will be delivered to a term time address. Please make sure you update your address in e:Vision

Renew items

How to renew your items

Interlending items you have on loan are listed in your Library Account.

If you want to renew an interlending item, please do so 2-3 days before the return date.
Renewals will cost £2.

To renew an item:

  1. Log in to YorSearch and go to your Library Account
  2. Select the check box next to the interlending item you want to renew
  3. Select Renew Selected

Please note: the due date will not change until staff have processed your renewal request. However, you will be notified of the new return date as soon as possible and you will not incur any charges if the book becomes overdue.

You can also renew an interlending item by:

  • Replying to the courtesy email sent 2-3 days before the return date
  • Contact Interlending via LibAnswers or on +44 (0)1904 323876

Most items can be renewed if they are not needed by someone else.

Return items

How to return items

Interlending items you have on loan are listed in your Library Account, along with the due date.

Please return loans to JB Morrell Library or the King's Manor Library by the due date.


Charges for Interlending requests

The standard charge for each Interlending item supplied is £2.

Please note, you may be able to claim this charge back from your department/research project.

Membership groupNo. of requests at £2 each per academic yearCost of additional requests
Staff, Postgraduate students (PGCE, Masters, PhD, MPhil, Diploma) Unlimited N/A
Undergraduate 10 £8.50
Associate staff 15 £8.50
York graduates and other external members N/A £9.50 for all requests (up to a limit of 15)

How to pay

  • Pay by cash or credit card at the JB Morrell Library Help Desk or by cash only at the King's Manor Library.
  • Use a workorder. Staff and researchers who have a project fund available to charge against can enter the 8 digit code in the 'Additional Information' box on the request form.
  • Pay online. Once the payment has been processed, you will recieve an email to confirm the charges have been cleared from your account.

Overdue and lost items

If you keep an item long past the return date, or if you lose it, the British Library (which supplies many of the items) may charge you £163.10 to cover administration and the cost of a replacement. Other libraries will have their own charges.

Other services

Visit the British Library at Boston Spa

  • You can consult up to 24 items.
  • The Library operates a free weekly minibus service.

Find out more:

Searching abroad

If we cannot find an item in any UK library we may be able to extend the search abroad.

As this can be a lengthy and expensive service it should be confined to essential items only.

Using other libraries

There may be other options for using resources not held in York. The SCONUL Access Scheme gives access to other HE libraries throughout the county and the British Library.

Information for other libraries

We are happy to supply material to other libraries. Please get in touch by email:

Please note, we do not lend:

  • Doctoral Theses (use EThOS instead)
  • Special Collections material (eg York Minster Library, National Railway Museum or Borthwick Institute for Archives material)
  • Short loan or reference items

Help with Interlending

For help or information: