Accessibility statement

Accessibility: Planning & organising work

There's lots of software available to help you organise your thoughts and plan your work.

This can be of particular help to people with dyslexia, but can be beneficial to anyone.


MindGenius provides a visual method of planning and organising work.

Outline essays, projects and presentations, organise study notes, illustrate concepts, etc using a range of 'mind map' layouts.

Links can be made to other maps, files or web pages and formatted notes can be associated with 'branches' of the map.

Maps and notes can be easily exported into ready-formatted documents, eg structured Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

MindGenius is supported by a range of in-built help and online instruction, and is installed on all our classroom PCs and supported Office PCs. This software is also available for staff and students on unsupported PCs and for home use.