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Athena Swan Charter

The Athena SWAN Charter recognises the advancement of gender equality: representation, progression and success for all. In 2018, the department was awarded the Athena Swan Bronze Award, in recognition of our commitment to equality and diversity.

The Department of History created an Athena Swan Self-Assessment Committee in January 2016 to prepare and submit an application for Athena Swan recognition in 2017. In creating the committee, all staff and student representatives in the Department were invited to express an interest and the resulting committee comprises people with a range of experiences and viewpoints from across the department, including academic staff, administrative staff, and students. To ensure that the committee considers a wide variety of views it encourages other members of staff and students to contribute to its discussions when appropriate.

The Committee is led by:

2015/2016: Dr Henrice Altink and Professor Katy Cubitt

2016/2017: Dr Shaul Mitelpunkt and Professor Sarah Rees Jones

2017/2018: Dr Shaul Mitelpunkt and Professor Sarah Rees Jones

2018/2019: Dr Natasha Glaisyer

2019/2020: Dr Shaul Mitelpunkt

2020/2021: Dr Shaul Mitelpunkt

In preparing the application for Athena Swan recognition, the committee had two key aims:

  • To develop an understanding of gender and other equality matters both within the committee but also across the department, ensuring that we explore and address stereotyping and unconscious bias.
  • To review practices across the Department for all activities to ensure there is equality of opportunity throughout for all staff and students - and where necessary to create and implement new systems and arrangements to enhance this.

Although the main focus is on gender, the Committee aims to consider how gender intersects with other protected characteristics such as disability, ethnicity, sexuality etc and to review how departmental practices can be changed to provide more inclusive arrangements for everyone.

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