We aim to understand how Earth systems and processes have changed at various points through time.

In response to pressing problems stemming from environmental change, we aim to provide the evidence base for effective adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Our research covers terrestrial and marine environments and focuses particularly on coastal, wetland and glacial systems. We combine fieldwork with laboratory studies and modelling approaches.

Our fieldwork has taken us to polar, tropical and temperate environments, including places like New Zealand, Australia, the Falkland Islands, Kiribati, Russia, Iceland, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the USA, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Peru, Antarctica, Greenland, Sweden, Norway and across the UK.

We are highly collaborative and work with colleagues across the University including the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, and Archaeology.

Research snapshot

Listen to glaciologist Dr David Rippin talk about his ice expeditions for our Story of Things podcast.