We use scientific research from multiple disciplines to guide solutions and improve outcomes for people and biodiversity.

Our group includes ecologists, fisheries scientists, toxicologists, economists and modellers working in partnership with community groups, land managers, governments and charitable organisations to deliver scientific guidance on conservation action.

Our research spans peatlands, savannahs, forests, oceans, cities and deserts. We have discovered new species, documented previously unexplored sites, influenced government standards and contributed to the protection of over one million square kilometres of ocean as well as thousands of hectares of tropical forest.

Through our research in areas as diverse as ecosystem functions, illegal activities and environmental stressors, we are informing national policy, international frameworks and site management and restoration.

Research snapshots

The Lost Forest | Nobel Peace Prize Shorts 

The science of seabed recovery off the Isle of Arran

Callum Roberts discusses the wonder of coral with Brian Cox and Robin Ince on BBC Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage