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Provisional Architectures: Thinking Towards Essaymatography

Thursday 17 June 2021, 4.30PM

Please join us for a conversation between essayist and author of Tunnel Vision, Kevin Breathnach, and scholar Patricia Malone on what it means to be an essayist today. 

Tunnel Vision is a collection in which critical essays are balanced with the more ostensibly personal, though both consider carefully the question of representation, perception, and what one might describe as a certain state of deferral, or non-arrival. We'll consider the tools and techniques of the artist and ask what relation these bear to the work of the writer or, indeed, the essayist: what does it mean, indeed, to essay?

This research seminar is part of the CModS research strand 'The Contemporary Essay'

Patricia Malone is an Early Career Research and Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. She is writing a book, Reality Hunger: Image and Appetite in Twenty-First-Century Literature, that offers an account of the contemporary through the modalities of the 'age of image'. Essays arising from this work have been published in Textual PracticeContemporary Women's WritingC21 and elsewhere.

Kevin Breathnach is the author of Tunnel Vision (Faber, 2019) and Morphing (The Lifeboat, 2020). 

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We have circulated some extracts from Tunnel Vision which can be accessed through this Google Drive or email for access. 

Location: Online via Zoom