Derrida Commemoration

Wednesday 12 November 2014, 6.00PM


  • Dr. Arthur Bradley (Lancaster University)
  • Professor John Bowen (University of York)
  • Professor Ziad Elmarsafy (University of York)

Jacques Derrida’s writings have provoked strong feelings among critics of all stripes. In this special event to commemorate Derrida ten years after his death, three distinguished speakers will address how his writing has affected the ways they think and write about literature. More often heatedly discussed than closely read, Derrida’s prose poses a singular challenge to a group dedicated to questions of interpretation. Each of our speakers will therefore discuss a single page of Derrida, outlining how it has influenced the ways they read. 

Arthur Bradley (Lancaster) will address an excerpt from Of Grammatology, John Bowen (York) a page from The Post Card, and Ziad Elmarsafy (York) a passage from ‘Hospitality’. These short presentations will be followed by open discussion. 

We hope this event will provide an accessible approach to a thinker whose name is often considered synonymous with difficulty and obscurity. All comers are welcome, from the post-structural sceptic to the deconstruction devotee. 

This event is hosted by the Reading and Interpretation series. For more information about the group and copies of reading material please visit our website or contact Alex Alonso or Doug Battersby.

Derrida, excerpts from 'Of Grammatology', 'The Post Card' and 'Hospitality' (PDF , 4,221kb)

Location: Treehouse, Berrick Saul Building, Heslington West Campus