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The Yorker

Posted on 6 September 2016

The independent online newspaper, run by University of York students, is looking for contributions from students over the summer and into the next academic year.

The Yorker

A brilliant array of sections and sub-sections managed by a great team of editors who can give suggestions on what you might like to write about. Take our Arts team, which regularly arranges interviews with local and up-and-coming groups and deals with the local cinema to give students free tickets to films in return for film reviews; our Lifestyle section covers all sorts, from food and careers to science and technology.

We do not enforce strict word limits, though 1000 words is a recommended maximum number of words per article. The Yorker does not hold any political opinions or allegiances to political movements or parties besides a commitment to freedom of expression, meaning that, while most coverage, especially news and political coverage, must be written from a neutral perspective, we welcome Comment articles from anyone of any background or position, expressing their view on a topic.

Getting involved with The Yorker gives you the chance to participate in the life of a private, limited company, gaining writing experience and expanding your portfolio. We publish content at all times of the year, meaning that you can keep your essaying and arguing skills in check over the summer holidays. Contributing to The Yorker will also be a fine addition to a writer's CV. We will hold a General Meeting in the coming term in which several editorial positions will be on offer by way of elections. Will you stand for a role?

If you are interested in writing for a brilliant student newspaper that can grant its writers perks including ticket deals for shows and films, we encourage you to get involved! Once you become a member, you can contribute to any section of our paper. Have a look at our website and see a section takes your interest? If you have any other queries, feel free to contact our editor, Jack Harvey, at