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POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - Field Specializations Among Beginning Economists: Are There Gender Differences? (AME)

Wednesday 22 April 2020, 11.00AM to tba

Speaker(s): Ron Oaxaca ( Arizona)

Abstract: The central objective of our paper is to examine the process that underlies the choice of field specialization among beginning Economists. Our contribution is to understand what is driving gender segregation in fields of economic specialization by looking at doctoral field specializations. The prevailing impression is that the proportion of women economists across field specialties declines with the degree of theoretical abstraction in the specialty areas. We investigate the extent to which this is the case. Are gender differences in fields driven by salaries, or are non-economic factors the explanation? Adding a monetary component to our analysis is a novel aspect of this research. We model the decision of field specialization within a random utility framework. The model provides for inclusion of perceived relative salary and perceived probability of obtaining an academic position by field which leads to a conditional logit/ multinomial logit model. 

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Location: A/D271 ERC Seminar Room above Alcuin Porters

Admission: All welcome