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POSTPONED - What Should We Do If We Don’t Have (Complete) Preferences?

Wednesday 19 January 2022, 1.00PM to 2:00pm

Speaker(s): Graham Loomes, Warwick Business School

Abstract: This genuinely is a ‘work in progress’ – although it is a bit stuck at present, so comments and suggestions really would be very welcome. Looking back over years of doing surveys and experiments, it seems clear (to me) that people’s stated/revealed preferences are far from ‘complete’. I’ll present some of the evidence. And I’ll discuss some of the possible implications for theory. But above all, I’ll ask – since I can’t yet answer – what the implications are for areas of public policy which rely heavily on measures of population preferences – not least, values of health and safety benefits.    

Location: IN PERSON - ARC 014 - Alan Maynard Auditorium

Admission: All welcome