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Violence Against Women at Work: Victim & Firm Effects

Wednesday 15 June 2022, 1.00PM to 2:00pm

Speaker(s): Abi Adams-Prassl (Oxford)

Host: Jack Britton

Abstract: Conflict between colleagues is a common occurrence. In this paper, we show that the victim's gender and the gender composition of management affects how firms respond to these incidents. We link information on every police report in Finland to administrative records to identify assaults between colleagues, and the economic outcomes for victims and the wider firm. The overwhelming majority of perpetrators are male, while 50% of victims are female. Colleague violence has a significant negative impact on the labour market outcomes of victims, with greater employment and earnings losses for female victims compared to their male perpetrators. When the victim is a man, male perpetrators suffer greater employment losses than victims. In addition, an incident of male-on-female colleague violence causes a decline in women hires, resulting in a 10% decline in the average share of women employees at these firms. There is no significant change in the composition of the workforce following male-on-male colleague violence. We show that this decline in women hires is isolated to male-managed firms.

Location: A/D271 (above Alcuin Porters Lodge)

Admission: All welcome