2020/21 Aronson Teaching Award Winners

News | Posted on Thursday 29 July 2021

Every year we ask our UG and PGT students to recognise colleagues and modules providing outstanding teaching to their year group. We are very happy to announce the winners of the Aronson prizes for 2020/21

Best Designed Module (one module per year group)


  1. Creativity and innovation in the formation and presentation of the course material, as demonstrated through structure of lecture program and hand-outs, progression through the material and correlation between lectures, seminars, formative and summative assessment.
  2. The module includes excellent feedback from all assessments in a format that ensures students understand where they need to improve.
  3. Students are encouraged to learn in a variety of ways and learn a range of different skills, with a particular focus on transferability and employability. This should include a variety of media, for example - projects, individual presentations and group work.

Most Engaging & Effective Lecturer


  1. Particularly positive attitude and displays enthusiasm towards the material.
  2. Ability to manipulate material, making it understandable, clear and intuitive - depth of understanding of material.
  3. Considers key concepts in the wider context of Economics.

The awards for 2020/21 go to:

Best Designed Module 1st Yr - Historical Perspectives

Best Designed Module 2nd Yr - Economic Growth and Development

Best Designed Module 3rd Yr - Health Economics

Best Designed Module PGT - Econometrics 1 & 2


Most Engaging & Effective Lecturer 1st Yr - Thilo Huning

Most Engaging & Effective Lecturer 2nd Yr - Thilo Huning

Most Engaging & Effective Lecturer 3rd Yr - Mathilde Peron

Most Engaging & Effective Lecturer PGT - Joint Winners: Karl Claxton & Michael Thornton


Congratulations to the Prizewinners!