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What our students said

We asked students why they picked Catered Accommodation, Meals in Advance or College nights, and what their favourite parts were!

Catered Accommodation

Catered accommodation is an ideal way to start your University experience. It's not only convenient and well priced, but it is social as well. You can sit with your new , new friends from societies, or even sit down with someone random and just have a chat. It's an informal and easy way to get started. 

Just cooking lunches and cooking on the weekends frees up quite a bit of time. There are way more exciting things to be doing in your first year. 
I would recommend organising with your friends when you are going to go for food, but make sure it's early so you get the best bits of the salad bar. 
- Thomas, James College N Block
- I loved being in catered accommodation and it saved me so much time and energy. Mealtime was a great opportunity to keep in touch with my whole flat throughout the year and helped ease the transition to life away from home. It was also a great time saver during busy exam periods later in the year.
- I never struggled to find something to eat, the vegetarian options were great and I particularly enjoyed the themed nights such as global week. 
- It's just really nice not having to worry about cooking at the end of a long day and being able to relax with your friends.
- Don't panic if you accidentally leave things like phones and ID cards on the food tray, they keep all the lost ones safe at the till. The staff are really approachable if you have any problems.
- At dinner, we tended to go at half past the hour to avoid the rush at the end of lectures. 
- Katie, James College
-The busiest times to eat in the evening are 5:00 and the '6:00 rush'. Anything after 6:30 and you will barely have to queue at all and the hall will be fairly empty. 
-Catered accommodation is a great chance to socialise and eat properly with your flat mates/ other people in catered accommodation. In my flat, we all arranged to eat and go to dinner at the same time - this helps mental well being and helping to eat properly. 
- One of the things we did at the weekend was cooking in groups of 4 or so - this helps with socialising and also ensures that you do not need to eat alone. This was important for me as it enables social interaction as well as learning to cook with friends. 
- Rory, Derwent College K block
For me, during freshers, catered accommodation was a good way to get to know my flat mates. We would arrange a time when we could all go down and of course sit together, and so it was a nice way to get to know everyone a little better in a calmer environment.
- Abby, Derwent College A Block

College Nights

I lived in accommodation in Langwith college and therefore got a weekly college meal every Thursday evening. Going to the weekly college meal was a great chance to socialise and bond with my house mates, and a relief for me as Thursdays were my busiest day so it meant I didn't have to worry about cooking in the evening. You get a tasty meal (vegetarian and vegan options are available and all very good) and the choice of either starter or dessert - there's always lots of desserts to choose from. If you can't make your designated time, it's fine to have your weekly meal on another day or at a later/earlier time which means you don't miss out, and you can always just take some tubs to take your food away instead.
- Gina, Langwith College
The Piazza building on East offers a great range of food all throughout the week. My weekly college meal allowed me to socialise with not only my flat, but the whole block. It was nice to have a night off cooking, to relax with some good food and friends. I had a great kitchen in Goodricke, so whether you're semi-catered or fully-catered, there'll be an opportunity for some great grub.
- Rhys, A1, Goodricke