Information for Parents

Parents, Carers, Guardians, Siblings, Sponsors and Supporters of Vanbrugh Students can be assured that we are just as concerned about your student's well-being as we are about their academic studies and performance.  That’s why the University of York provides a range of services to ensure that advice, guidance and practical support is available when a student needs it so they can address any of the challenges they may face. 

Talking to the College Team

A key part of your child's support network is the College Team who can help with most day to day matters and can direct students to where they can get additional help for themselves. 

If you contact the College Team with a concern we will record this and act appropriately. Written notes may be made following a telephone call and as students have the right to request sight of information recorded about them we cannot guarantee that anything you say to us will be 100% confidential. Neither the College Team nor any other University Service will update you on progress nor could we even if your child asked us to, unless they were at significant risk to themselves or others. 

If you are concerned

If you have serious concerns about your child then you should encourage them to tell their College Team or Academic Supervisor and make use of the services that are freely available to them. You could help them become aware of them as part of their transition into and through University to support their becoming independent by helping them identify potential sources of support.

You can also contact the Assistant Head of College directly, Georgina Heath, to disclose any concerns you might have.

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Attend a Q&A Session

If you are accompanying a new student to University on Saturday 24th September 2016, why not attend one of our Parents-Supporters Question and Answer session with College Staff.  Times and locations of these sessions will be advertised on our webpage for new students and on flyers at Vanbrugh Reception when you arrive.