Vanbrugh Facilities

The College Offices and The Garage (band practice facility) are located at The Warren, which is on Vanbrugh Way, just over the road from the Information Centre on Market Square.

Contact Vanbrugh Reception

Tel: 01904 32 3200





College facilities are open to all University of York students and staff members, however, priority of use will usually be given to Vanbrugh members.

Non-Residents' Keycards

To obtain a keycard allowing you access to the common rooms, mail room and bike sheds, contact the College Administrator, Lenore Klassen.

Booking Rooms

Social Spaces

  • V-Bar and Dining Room
  • Junior Common Room
  • Graduate-Senior Common Room
  • The Warren

Music Facilities

  • 'The Garage': band practice space
  • 'The Garage': recording studio
  • Instrument Lending Library
  • Electric piano and Electric Organ in the GSCR
  • Electric piano and electric drum-kit in The Warren Lounge
  • Upright piano in Vanbrugh JCR
For more info, see Vanbrugh Music