Vanbrugh Celebrates 50 years!  

Come back to campus in the Spring for our 50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend, 20-22nd April 2018. For more information see our 50th Anniversary webpage.

Whether you are a recent graduate wishing to continue your association with the College, or one of our earliest students from when the College first opened its doors, we are always pleased to hear from our alumni, and their successes and we welcome their involvement with the Vanbrugh community.

Have you joined YorkSpace?, the University of York’s new online community for alumni and friends launched in 2011 and we encourage all our alumni to sign up for the site for free. Through YorkSpace you can:

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Alumni Events

50th Anniversary Weekend: 20-22 April, 2018.  We'd love to have all alumni (and friends) come to this event.  

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Call for Photographs!

If you have any photographs of your time here as a student please send them to us for our display.

Sponsor an Instrument

If you would like to sponsor an instrument for our Instrument Lending Library you can do this directly through the College Office or by donating to the Vanbrugh Alumni Fund.