About Vanbrugh College

Located at the entrance to the University, Vanbrugh College is one of the original colleges on the Heslington West campus, and preparations are underway to celebrate 50 years of welcoming new students in 2017-18.  

Vanbrugh has always been a lively college, encouraging students from diverse backgrounds and cultures to get more out of University than just the degree.  With a strong ethos of participation, whether in music, sport or creative activities, our staff, volunteers and mentors provide guidance, facilities and enthusiam so that our students can flourish both from a wide range of extra-curricular programs and activities provided by the College but also to create their own opportunities. For example, Vanbrugh's music facilities (open to all students regardless of college membership) support choirs, bands and music creators, with a fully equipped garage-band rehearsal space, recording studio and instrument lending library and with several E.P.s each year coming out of The Garage, we have proven you can still live the dream of being a rock star and get your degree.

Our college house, ‘The Warren’, hosts regular activities from Brainstorm: our current affairs discussion afternoons , to Quill Theory: a creative writing workshop program.  In addition, regular activities such as baking, yoga, boardgame nights and acoutic jam nights provide a regular background to college daily life. 

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