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The Derwent College Team are there to make your time here as healthy and problem-free as we can. For most people, coming to University is a major, life-changing opportunity which can bring with it new types of stress and unfamiliar feelings, such as homesickness. Our College Tutors are there to help with the day-to-day challenges the transition to University can bring.

Derwent has a strong and supportive community, and an emphasis on sociability. Unlike other colleges, your keycard will get you into all the floors and corridors within your block. This means it’s easy and encouraged to make friends with people living above and below you.

Derwent has a focus on proactive, not reactive, welfare. It’s about trying to stop issues from occurring, as well as dealing with them when they do crop up.  If you ever do need support during your time in Derwent, we have staff and student contacts available to give you a helping hand and find the help you need.

Derwent Graduate Tutor

Graduate Tutor

The Derwent Graduate Tutor is a full time member of staff, who has recently-graduated. He/she provides confidential pastoral care, so that if you are experiencing any difficulties you can talk to a friendly face in confidence. You can make an appointment by emailing:


The Graduate Tutor is managed by the College Manager who you can contact on the address above with any issues. In an emergency, always contact Security on 01904 32 4444 or freephone 0800 43 3333.




We take confidentiality very seriously. If things are said to us in confidence, they stay that way. We’re here to help, not to make things worse by telling people who do not need to know. 

And that includes parents. Sorry to those parents who might be reading this, but we are not allowed to discuss your son or daughter with you without their explicit written permission. We can pass on a message asking them to get in touch with you so you can discuss anything directly!

However in cases where there is a deep concern about someone's wellbeing then we may involve other members of the University welfare network, but will only do so in serious circumstances.