Alcuin College Student Association

The Alcuin College Student Association Committee (CSAC) is your student body in Alcuin College. They have a voice in how the college operates for both undergraduate and postgraduate members. The CSAC exsists to represent you and promote your interests by:

  • supporting all students
  • providing social, sporting and cultural activities
  • developing the College community


 Each year a new committee is elected to ensure the provision of excellent events, welfare support, sports activites and tournaments, and many other opportunities for Alcuinites throughout their time at university. If you have an event idea, want to get involved or need support contact them at

Alcuin CSAC Executive Committee

President: Samara Jones

Secretary: James Taylor 

VP for Support and Welfare: Bethan Williams 

VP for Entertainment and Activities: Emily Ferriby-Gotts (Victoria) 

VP for Business and Marketing: Christopher Oldnall 

VP for Ethical Engagement: Morgan Steigmann 

Treasurer: Mia Holley

Graduate Student Association

The university also has a separate Graduate Student Association (GSA) that organises events, sports activities and provides welfare support in the university's postgraduate community. Find out more about the GSA via their webpage.


Mature Students

Over the past few years, York has grown in popularity for mature students, usually classified as undergraduates who are over 21 years old around the time that they start their course.  This year (2017-8) Alcuin college will be organising activities dedicated towards students who are a little older than the typical undergraduate. 

We are planning some early evening events including a casual buffet where you can chat with like-minded students and classic film nights.  In addition, we are currently refurbishing the Senior Common Room (SCR) where it will offer a quiet study space available to Postgraduates and mature undergraduates.

As it is not always easy for us to tell who would be interested in a mature students' community at Alcuin, please let us know if you are interested in receiving information specifically tailored to mature students via - please do include any ideas or requests.

Alcuin CSAC Website

Find out more about Alcuin CSAC via their website! Here you can keep up-to-date with all the Freshers Week infomation, events and campaigns.