Social housing

Publications and presentations

CHP’s work has explored social housing allocations policies, housing and neighbourhood management, regeneration initiatives, floating support for those with special needs, anti-social behaviour, and social housing supply in rural areas and in mixed tenure developments.

We have also investigated the relationship between social housing and resident life chances.

Current and recent projects

  • Real London Lives - Longitudinal study into the impact of welfare reform and economic change
    The g15, a group of London’s largest housing associations, has commissioned CHP to conduct research into the key current challenges facing affordable housing residents The g15 group accommodates about 1 in ten people in London. The study will follow the lives of housing association residents across London providing an insight into their hopes and aspirations, and will carry out more than 1,500 quantitative interviews as well as 60 in-depth qualitative interviews. The longitudinal study will explore the impact of welfare reform and the current difficult economic climate on affordable housing residents in London. As well as identifying the specific challenges they face, it will also highlight the role these ordinary Londoners play in their local communities. Visit the Real London Lives website
  • Derwenthorpe: Evaluating pro-environmental behaviour change at Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust’s new 500-home development Deborah Quilgars and Alison Wallace of CHP with Sarah West and Alison Dyke of the Stockholm Environment Institute, for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Completed 2018.

    Summary: Making a sustainable community in Derwenthorpe - summary (PDF , 133kb)Making a sustainable community in Derwenthorpe - summary (PDF , 133kb)

    Full report: Making a sustainable community life in Derwenthorpe (PDF , 1,663kb)