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CHP’s work has covered trends in homeownership, the affordability and security of homeownership, home owners in financial difficulty and the policies to help them.

We have also investigated shared ownership, low cost homeownership, older home owners, housing development in rural areas, second homeownership, and home ownership across Europe.

Current projects

  • Homeowners and poverty - funded by Joseph Rowntree Foundation (January - December 2016). The study seeks to examine pathways into and flows through home-ownership and poverty, and will consider the impact of current trends on future assessments of the relationship. For example:
    • do poor working age home owners represent an overhang from the period of liberal mortgage lending prior to the financial crisis, or a function of the interaction between UK labour markets, welfare and housing markets?
    • what difference might recent policy announcements that support access to homeownership make to the risk or experience of poverty among homeowners?

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