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Chemistry Research Fellow Dr Liz Dickinson in RSC Voice Magazine

Posted on 19 April 2018

Dr Liz Dickinson has been featured in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Voice magazine, highlighting the importance of supporting researchers to return to work after a career break.

Dr Liz Dickinson, with her article in Voice magazine

In a two page interview, Liz explains how a Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowship enabled her own return to research after a seven-year break to look after her sons.  

Liz said, “The RSC part funded my fellowship, so they were aware I had the Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowship, and contacted me to see if I’d have a chat about it, and my experience,”.  

Liz joined the Department of Chemistry as a research fellow in Dr Julie Wilson’s group two years ago. A former NMR spectroscopist, she has now retrained in chemometrics, a science which applies statistics and pattern recognition to chemical numerical data. In the interview, she talks about the challenges of returning to work and also her achievements in the two years since her return. She gives special mentions to her supervisor and also the Department of Chemistry at York as a whole.  

Liz also stresses the importance of initiatives supporting researchers to return to work, such as the Daphne Jackson Fellowship Trust. “There are so many people that don’t even know about it and that’s really sad,” said Liz. “I hope the article makes other people apply.”    

Voice magazine is published quarterly by the Royal Society of Chemistry and is received by members as a supplement to Chemistry World. Read the article here.

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"I had no idea what to expect when I returned to work. What has surprised me is the constant level of support I have received from my supervisor Dr Wilson, the Department of Chemistry at York and mentorship from other academics, and the trust as a whole. Everyone has been extremely encouraging and understanding of part-time research to fit in with family life. They have also pushed me to make my research competitive and high quality, but with patience and understanding of the retraining aspect of the research.” Dr Liz Dickinson in Voice magazine.

"Athena SWAN and equality for all has made a huge difference to working life - this is something that chemistry at York has embraced and is evident in daily life there." Dr Liz Dickinson in Voice magazine.