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New DCEA handbook

Posted on 29 September 2020

An all-in-one guide to economic evaluation of equity impacts and trade-offs

Distributional cost-effectiveness analysis cover 165

We are delighted to announce the publication of the new Oxford University Press handbook of distributional cost-effectiveness analysis, an all-in-one guide to analysing health equity impacts and trade-offs in any decision context, for researchers, research commissioners and research users.

Information on ordering the book is here (including how you can get a 30% discount). And free spreadsheet training exercises and supplementary materials are here
The handbook was authored by leading lights in the field from around the world. The methods are not perfect but they can provide decision makers with useful information. We hope these training resources will encourage more widespread application and the development of better methods in future. The demand for information about equity impacts is certainly there. So now are the tools for providing it.
Richard Cookson, Susan Griffin, Ole F. Norheim and Anthony J. Culyer.